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From This Issue November 2023
  • poem
    By Jake Skeets

    the sun fails to make sense anymore an insect buzzes in overgrown red brome butterfly whistle spark of beetle or wire rush

  • poem
    By Suji Kwock Kim

    fists clenched so tightly the knuckles paled to stone— then calmed myself to keep my brother and sister calm. Who would protect them if I said something back?

  • poem
    By Jarrett Moseley

    What if telling a story was an exercise in forgiveness? A boy slips a rotting peach into his pocket and looks off the edge of a cliff. Here in the airport, waiting

it is this history
I care about

the one we make together

— June Jordan

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      Good evening, Poetry Explorers! What do you like about night-time? Tonight we'll embrace the poetry of the night world and make a mobile, also known as a dreamcatcher.


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