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July/August 2023

Cover artist: Tré Seals

I had come very far in my distance

To let tenderness rule me.

Jennifer Chang
  • Rickey Laurentiis
  • Michelle Peñaloza
  • Jennifer Chang
  • Annie Wenstrup
  • Jaswinder Bolina
From this Issue
    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Stair

      By Kevin Young
              The heart, it hoards—
      how I know this—

      The small, strangled
              shining room Keats lost
      his life in—and to—

      beyond the window sunlight
              arranging itself
      on the Spanish Steps

      while the poet watches.
              Outside, snapshots
      of the tourists

      & teenagers tired
              of what they don’t
      know yet. What will

      become of us? Ash.
              Unasking. The...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Romance

      By Susan Browne
      I swim my laps today, slowly, slowly,
      reaching my arms out & over, my fleshly oars,
      the water silken on my skin, my body still able
      to be a body & resting at the pool’s lip,
      I watch other bodies slip through the blue,

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine From “Nudos”

      By Teresa Soto
      Di, tú o tú, cualquiera, ¿a qué tanta risa?, ¿qué celebráis?

      Hoy reímos de que acabó el día
      y no nos agotó la pena.


      Di, tú, o tú, ¿tocáis algo?, ¿hay un porqué
      a las manos extendidas?

      Algún día caerá el fruto, decimos.
      Ahora solo sujetamos...

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