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  • Featured Blogger
    By A. Van Jordan November 27, 2023

    In February of 1997, I exchanged letters with the poet and scholar Agha Shahid Ali. He was my teacher and “supervisor,” at the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College,...

    Collage of fabric, paper, and glue in blues, beiges, golds, greens, mounted on paper.
  • Featured Blogger
    By Vi Khi Nao November 13, 2023

    Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in a three-part essay. Read Part I here. I want to note the intriguing similarity between the Vietnamese word “nhà thơ” for poet and “nhà thờ”...

    Ephemeral sculpture in soil of artist's silhouette.
  • Foundation News
    November 3, 2023

    Sundress Publications is led by more than 60 dedicated volunteers who are guided by the belief in the transformative nature of writing. The nonprofit publisher strives to help writers find...

    The farmhouse at Firefly Farms is a white house with green shutters. The image shows the front porch with porch swing, dirty boots, and garden gnome.
  • Foundation News
    November 2, 2023

    In response to discussions around a recent editorial decision.  We at the Poetry Foundation are saddened and deeply disturbed by the humanitarian crisis and ongoing violence in Palestine and Israel. While...

    Graphic with a red undulating shape with text "Poetry Foundation: A Message to Our Communities"
  • Featured Blogger
    By A. Van Jordan October 30, 2023

    Saturday… late morning, damn-near noon, and I’m thinking about influences, role models, and what I admire in the work they do. As I get older, I’ve come to admire discipline,...

    Gelatin silver print featuring up close of ocean waves beneath a cloud-filled sky, with a rectangular shape superimposed on the sky magnifying the clouds and leaving a shadow on the waves.
  • Featured Blogger
    By Vi Khi Nao October 23, 2023

    There are two epochic impulses (in song and poetic compositions) that classically and elliptically shape, silhouette, and direct the inventive vector of my creative and (literary) life. The pre-war music,...

    Watercolor painting of two yellow flowers with long green stems and leaves.
  • Foundation News
    October 20, 2023

    Ellen Stackable first entered Oklahoma jails and prisons to lead spoken word poetry programming. An experienced English teacher and spoken word poet herself, she discovered that while performing poetry is...

    White, red, and black graphic with a photo of three women standing in front of a building, smiling. Text reads "Poetic Justice Fall 2022 Poetry Programs, Partnerships & Innovation Grantee-Partner"
  • Featured Blogger
    By Safia Elhillo October 9, 2023

    I was in Sudan this past February, on a boat in Sabaloga, cutting through the Nile and the early morning mist, blissfully unaware of the war that would take so...

    Screen print, two overlapping silver circles composed of lines with a sideways reddish diamond in the center, against an orange backdrop.
  • Foundation News
    October 6, 2023

    Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Diatribe uses spoken word, poetry, and visual arts events, programs, and multimedia platforms to encourage its community to shed light on issues that affect...

    A young, smiling, Brown-skinned student with black hair reading their spoken word piece in a classroom, with Youth Experience Expert Kyd Kane and teaching artist Caleb Rainey and the student's teacher standing in the background
  • Foundation News
    September 25, 2023

    Joyce Brinkman noticed that her community in Near North Indianapolis had very little artistic activity, so she set out to start a poetry reading series. She recruited Barry Harris, the...

    Graphic featuring a photo of two kids writing in notebooks at a table outside. Text reads: Brick Street Poetry Inc. Fall 2022 Poetry Programs, Partnerships, and Innovation grantee-partners.
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