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  • Essay
    By Ed Simon

    Christian Wiman's Zero at the Bone blends memoir and theology, criticism and poetry into a mystical commonplace book for Armageddon.

    A watercolor of a crowned man brandishing a sword on top of a white horse. Above, an angelic figure unrolls a scroll.
  • Learning Prompt
    By Nathan Xavier Osorio November 21, 2023

    “Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.”James BaldwinWriting poems can be the articulation of a kind of listening. We listen to the poems we’ve dog-eared in...

  • Essay
    By Maya C. Popa

    A new biography of Jane Kenyon frees the poet from the shadow of her famous older husband.

    A black-and-white photo of Jane Kenyon sitting a table looking downward. A lit candle is nearby.
  • Essay
    By John Vincler

    Brian Teare's Poem Bitten by a Man is a hybrid book that presses language into and against visual art.

    A grid of inky gray letters.
  • Poem Guide
    By CM Burroughs

    There is lightness within these downtrodden lives!

    Headshot of Margaret Walker
  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Charif Shanahan
  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Solmaz Sharif

    An introduction to our June Jordan folio.

    Black and white photo of June Jordan in profile looking stoic.
  • Essay
    By Jared Marcel Pollen

    A new edition of Tomas Tranströmer’s collected works showcases his wild associative leaps.

    A blue ink wash composition of a figure playing a piano with one hand. Below him is grass and behind him are clouds.
  • Essay
    By Camille Ralphs

    Four hundred unruly, obsessive, baffling years of Shakespeare’s First Folio.

    An ink wash drawing of William Shakespeare overlaid with pages from his First Folio.
  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Allen Tate
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